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Budget Summary FY2017

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Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account  FY2017
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 5,200,384 5,215,896 5,226,487 5,208,455
Direct Appropriations
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 12,27013,60813,67614,352
Programs to Eliminate Racial Imbalance - METCO 20,14320,64320,14320,643
Bay State Reading Institute 04000400
Early Literacy Initiatives 4,529000
Literacy Programs 01,7902,6002,200
School to Career Connecting Activities 5,4502,9993,5503,399
English Language Acquisition 1,9011,7441,8561,744
School-age in Institutional Schools and Houses of Correction 8,1448,1268,1448,126
Quality Kindergarten Grants 18,59018,5902,0000
Adult Basic Education 30,27529,31931,07529,469
Transportation of Pupils - Regional School Districts 59,02160,02161,02161,021
Non-Resident Pupil Transport 1,7502501,750250
Homeless Student Transportation 8,3508,3508,3508,350
Advanced Placement Math and Science Programs 3,2002,7002,7002,700
School Lunch Program 5,4275,4275,4275,427
School Breakfast Program 4,4214,6714,4214,671
Chapter 70 Payments to Cities and Towns 4,584,0094,607,6664,628,0144,628,014
Foundation Reserve One Time Assistance 010,00000
Circuit Breaker Reimburse for Special Ed Resident 271,632276,631281,722277,281
Educational Quality and Accountability 891890909890
Public School Military Mitigation 05001,3001,400
Charter School Reimbursement 100,97585,50090,00080,500
Innovation Schools 00700350
Education Data Services 770770770770
Student and School Assessment 29,50025,72025,72025,720
Assessment Consortium 00350350
Statewide College and Career Readiness Program 07000700
Targeted Intervention 7,8897,3917,6967,691
Extended Learning Time Grants 14,23814,23814,17514,175
After-School and Out-of-School Grants 2,0002,2952,7102,955
Safe and Supportive Schools 500400500400
Alternative Education Grants 002500
Franklin Institute of Boston 0000
Youth-Build Grants 2,0002,2002,0002,000
Mentoring Matching Grants 500500750500
Regionalization Bonus 110110110110
Creative Challenge Index 002000
Child Sex Abuse Prevention 1500150150
Retained Revenues
Teacher Certification Retained Revenue 1,7481,7461,7481,746
Federal Grant Spending945,580 961,493 947,224 961,493
Substance Abuse 0919191
Common Core Data Project 118154154154
Advanced Placement Fee Payment Program 655590590590
Adult Education - State Grant Program 10,417000
Title I Grants to Local Education Agencies 213,694231,366231,366231,366
Migrant Education 1,5921,5921,5911,592
Title I - Neglected and Delinquent Children 2,416138138138
School Improvement Grants 7,6687,6687,1707,668
Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting 41,79141,79140,79241,791
Math and Science Partnerships 1,7831,9401,9401,940
English Language Acquisition 13,92014,62714,62714,627
After School Learning Centers 16,84316,84316,67216,843
State Assessments and Related 7,2047,2046,9507,204
Rural and Low-Income Schools 76767676
Education for Homeless Children and Youth 9761,0421,0421,042
Special Education Grants 287,989287,989280,452287,989
Preschool Grants 9,6589,6589,2529,658
Vocational Education Basic Grants 18,25618,25617,71918,256
Project Focus Academy 1,1001,1001,1001,100
Massachusetts High School Graduation Initiative 8938930893
CDC Funding to Promote Adolescent Health 386386386386
Teacher Incentives 8838830883
Massachusetts Emergency Management Grant 159159159159
Migrant Student Records Exchange System State Data Quality 60676767
Data Systems Grant Student Connect 1,8921,8921,8921,892
Nuts Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 3,3633,4833,4833,483
Child Nutrition Grant State Program Review 708708451708
Child Nutrition Direct Certified Technical Assistance 0444
FY15 CNP Professional Standards Tech Assist Training Grant 75757575
Special Assistance Funds 224,294224,294223,096224,294
Child Care Program 62,50071,39171,39171,391
Child Nutrition School Food Equipment Grant 41414141
FY15 Commodity Assitance Program 133133133133
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance 854880880880
Special Summer Food Service Program for Children 7,8338,7298,7298,729
Child Nutrition Program Team Nutrition 153153153153
Direct Certification Performance Award 270270270270
Office of School Lunch Programs 4,7414,7414,2944,741
Charter Schools Assistance and Distributions 1871870187
Trust and Other Spending * 6,925 0 0 0
Education Research Trust Fund 6000
DESE Conference Account 12000
Education Development Center, Inc. 175000
Gates Foundation EPIC 1,769000
Gates Implementation Data 100000
Administration and Cost Allocation for Central Services 2,900000
John F. Monbouquette Memorial Education Fund 6000
Time Collaborative Trust 8000
Virtual Schools Trust 110000
National Governors Association Center for Best Practices 40000
School Lunch Distribution 1,800000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.