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Budget Summary FY2017

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70619412 - Extended Learning Time Grants
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account Description FY2016
7061-9412 Extended Learning Time Grants
For grants to cities, towns and regional school districts for planning and implementing expanded learning time in the form of longer school days or school years at selected schools; provided, that implementation grants shall only be provided under this item to schools and districts that submitted qualifying applications which were approved by the department in fiscal year 2016 and include a minimum of an additional 300 hours on a mandatory basis for all children attending that school; provided further, that in approving expanded learning time implementation grant applications, preference shall be given to districts with high poverty rates or a high percentage of students scoring in levels 1 or 2 on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam, districts with proposals that have the greatest potential for districtwide impact, districts that plan to utilize partnerships with community-based organizations and institutions of higher education and districts with proposals that include a comprehensive restructuring of the entire school day or year to maximize the use of the additional learning time; provided further, that the department shall approve implementation proposals that include an appropriate mix of additional time spent on core academics, additional time spent on enrichment opportunities, including small group tutoring, homework help, music, art, sports, physical activity, health and wellness programs, project-based experiential learning and additional time for teacher preparation or professional development; provided further, that the department shall only approve implementation proposals that assume not more than $1,300 per pupil per year in future state appropriations of expanded learning time implementation funds; provided further, that in extraordinary cases, the department may exceed the $1,300 per pupil per year limit; provided further, that the department shall review all qualified proposals and award approved grants not later than August 15, 2016; and provided further, that appropriated funds may be expended for programs or activities during the summer months
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