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Budget Summary FY2017

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30004060 - Child Care Access
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account Description FY2016
3000-4060 Child Care Access
For income-eligible early education and care programs; provided, that teen parents identified as likely to become eligible for transitional aid to families with dependent children may be paid from this item; provided further, that informal early education and care benefits for families meeting income-eligibility criteria may be funded from this item; provided further, that not more than $2 per child per hour shall be paid for the services; provided further, that early education and care slots funded from this item shall be distributed geographically in a manner that provides fair and adequate access to early education and care for all eligible individuals; provided further, that not more than 3 per cent of the funds appropriated in this item may be transferred in fiscal year 2017 as set forth in a plan submitted by the department; provided further, that said plan shall be filed with the house and senate chairs of the joint committee on education, the chairs of the house and senate committees on ways and means, and the secretary of administration and finance; provided further, that reimbursements to providers for services rendered in prior fiscal years may be expended from this item; provided further, that the department shall recoup funds owed by providers related to payments made by the department in the prior fiscal year by reducing payments to those providers for services related to this item rendered in fiscal year 2017; and provided further, that any payment made under any such grant with a school district shall be deposited with the treasurer of such city, town or regional school district and held as a separate account and shall be expended by the school committee of the city, town or regional school district without municipal appropriation, notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary
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