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Budget Summary FY2016

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Office of the Secretary of Public Safety and Security
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

Account  FY2016
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 31,667 31,686 35,917 34,231
Direct Appropriations
Witness Protection Board 9425094250
Commission on Criminal Justice 129129129129
Sexual Assault Evidence Kits 87878787
Executive Office of Public Safety 2,2163,0792,7163,374
Illegal Tobacco Task Force 002,0001,000
Evidence Based Programming Grants 00750250
Public Safety Information Technology Costs 22,14022,14022,14022,140
Gang Prevention Grant Program 7,0006,0008,0007,000
Intragovernmental Service Spending11,462 11,462 11,462 11,462
Chargeback for Public Safety Information Technology Costs 11,46211,46211,46211,462
Federal Grant Spending58,703 40,800 31,898 31,307
Transit Security Grant Program 0696969
Juvenile Justice Delinquency and 0120120120
Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention Act 309309309309
Statistical Analysis Center 81818181
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program 4,51464,5146
Title V - Delinquency Prevention 6666
Stop Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program 2,9052,9052,9052,905
Inmate Substance Abuse Treatment 215215
John Justice Grant 64646464
State Homeland Security Grant Program 8,57475758,574
Urban Areas Security Initiative Program II 5,000000
Transit Security Grant Program 69000
Emergency Management Performance Grant 222222222222
Non Profit Security Grant Program 100100100100
Urban Areas Initiative Grant 18,50018,50018,50018,500
State Agency Programs 10,03810,0389199
Map 21 405 Program 8,0008,0003,69337
Metropolitan Medical Response System Grant 300300300300
Trust and Other Spending * 94,627 0 0 0
Fingerprint-Based Background Check Trust Fund 5,000000
Highway Safety Trust Fund 15000
Bulletproof Vest Reimbursement Expendable Trust 80000
Cigarette Fire Safety and Firefighter Protection Enforcement 1,500000
Enhanced 911 Fund 87,482000
Special Public Events 150000
Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Trust 350000
Community Security Expendable Trust 50000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.