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Budget Summary FY2016

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Department of Elder Affairs
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

Account  FY2016
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 3,546,752 3,554,388 3,554,358 3,562,671
MassHealth Senior Care 2,972,9502,972,9502,972,9502,976,350
MassHealth Nursing Home Supplemental Rates 291,600300,400296,600302,900
Department of Elder Affairs Administration 2,3442,3442,3442,344
HCBS Policy Lab 00150150
Prescription Advantage 18,75918,57918,66818,668
Elder Enhanced Home Care Services Program 70,25570,25570,25570,255
Supportive Senior Housing Program 5,4945,4945,4945,494
Elder Home Care Purchased Services 106,668103,575106,668104,595
Elder Home Care Case Management and Administration 34,68034,68035,54735,547
Elder Protective Services 23,17323,17323,07323,123
Elder Congregate Housing Program 2,1552,1552,1552,155
Elder Homeless Placement 186186186186
Elder Nutrition Program 7,2537,1317,2537,253
Grants to Councils on Aging 11,23513,46513,01513,650
Federal Grant Spending34,687 36,699 35,080 0
Older Americans Act 8,99210,18310,1830
Title IIIB Supportive Service 1,1901,19000
National Family Caregiver Support Program 3,7003,7003,7000
State Health Insurance Assistance Program 01,0971,0970
Health Information Counseling 276000
Older Americans Act 13,38413,38413,3840
Nutrition Services Incentive Program 4,8854,8854,8850
Community Service Employment Program 1,8811,8811,8310
MA Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program 10110100
Enhanced Alcohol and Drug Recovery Options Counseling Program 19919900
2013 MIPPA ADRC 797900
Trust and Other Spending * 670 0 0 0
Veterans Independence Plus Initiative Trust Fund 670000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.