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Budget Summary FY2012

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Department of Elder Affairs
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

Account  FY2012
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 3,021,769 3,048,992 3,077,582 3,044,349
Direct Appropriations
MassHealth Senior Care 2,495,6022,520,4022,550,6022,515,602
MassHealth Nursing Home Supplemental Rates 288,500288,500288,500288,500
Department of Elder Affairs Administration 1,9941,9941,9941,994
Prescription Advantage 21,66621,60321,60321,603
Elder Enhanced Home Care Services Program 45,78945,78945,78945,789
Supportive Senior Housing Program 4,0154,0154,0154,015
Elder Home Care Purchased Services 96,78197,78196,78197,781
Elder Home Care Case Management and Administration 35,73835,73835,00035,738
Elder Protective Services 15,25116,25116,25116,251
Elder Congregate Housing Program 1,5041,5041,7181,611
Elder Homeless Placement 01360136
Elder Nutrition Program 6,2756,2756,3256,325
Grants to Councils on Aging 7,9048,2548,2548,254
Retained Revenues
Veterans Independence Plus Initiative 750750750750
Federal Grant Spending0 33,118 32,944 32,944
Older Americans Act - Title III and Title VII 09,5019,5019,501
Medicare Enrollment Assistance Program ADRC 02200
National Family Caregiver Support Program 02,4692,4692,469
Health Information Counseling and Assistance 01,1281,1371,137
Empowering Older People 0253253253
Chronic Disease Self Management ARRA 01,14000
Older Americans Act - Title III Nutrition Program 014,28910,24810,248
Nutrition Services Incentive Program 004,9554,955
Medicare Enrollment Assistance Program AAA 001313
Medicare Enrollment Assistance Program ADRC 002222
Additional Funding Act State Health Insurance 003131
Community Service Employment Program 02,9842,9842,984
2007 Mippa Outreach to Lis/Msp 0151515
2008 Mippa Outreach to Lis/Msp 0111111
Senior Medicare Patrol Integration 0194194194
Five Year Plan 0250250250
Mass Community Living 0500500500
Alzheimer's Disease 0250250250
Performance Outcome Measure Project 0112112112