This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2011

80000000 - Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
Data Current as of:  8/6/2010

Account Description FY2010
8000-0000 Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
For the office of the secretary, including the administration of the committee on criminal justice and the highway safety bureau to provide matching funds for a federal planning and administration grant pursuant to 23 U.S.C. section 402 and the costs associated with the implementation of chapter 228 of the acts of 2000; provided, that the secretary shall, to the fullest extent consistent with the duties of the office, prioritize the development and implementation of a real-time data-sharing system between federal, state and municipal law enforcement to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation and assistance; provided, that the secretary may enter into an agreement with a state college or university to provide for the expansion of a comprehensive law enforcement and emergency response training program for local, state and federal criminal justice and homeland security professionals, subject to the receipt of federal matching funds

General Fund 90.388%

FMAP Budget Relief Fund 9.612%

1,946,507 1,880,688

Veto Explanation:   I am vetoing this language and reducing this amount because none of the enhanced FMAP funds have been received from or committed by the federal government.