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Budget Summary FY2011

12311000 - Water and Sewer Rate Relief Payments - Local Services Program
Data Current as of:  8/6/2010

Account Description FY2010
1231-1000 Water and Sewer Rate Relief Payments - Local Services Program
For the Commonwealth Sewer Rate Relief Fund, established in section 2Z of chapter 29 of the General Laws; provided, that the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority shall submit a report to the house and senate committees on ways means and the secretary of administration and finance not later than October 1, 2010 that shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (a) an analysis of the options for reducing operating costs of the Authority; (b) the use of contracts with private entities for the operation and maintenance of facilities owned or operated by the Authority; and (c) the cost savings and any legislation necessary to effectuate the proposed recommendations of the report

FMAP Budget Relief Fund .................................................. 100.000%

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Veto Explanation:   I am vetoing this item because none of the enhanced FMAP funds have been received or committed by the federal government.