45900903 - Chargeback for Medical Services for County Corrections Inmates

Account Description FY2009
4590-0903 Chargeback for Medical Services for County Corrections Inmates
For the costs of medical services provided at the department of public health Lemuel Shattuck hospital to inmates of the county correctional facilities; provided, that the costs shall be charged to items 8910-0000, 8910-0010, 8910-0102, 8910-0105, 8910-0107, 8910-0108, 8910-0110, 8910-0145, 8910-0619, 8910-8200, 8910-8300, 8910-8400, 8910-8500, 8910-8600, and 8910-8800 of section 2 pursuant to the provisions thereof; provided further, that expenditures from this item shall be for hospital-related costs including, but not limited to, capital repair and the maintenance and motor vehicle replacement; and provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, for the purpose of accommodating timing discrepancies between the receipt of retained revenue and related expenditures, the department may incur expenses and the comptroller may certify for payment amounts not to exceed the lower of this authorization or the most recent revenue estimate thereof as reported in the state accounting system
                Intragovernmental Service Fund ............... 100%
3,751,316 3,800,000