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Budget Summary FY2009

Department of Agricultural Resources
Data Current as of:  6/22/2009

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The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources' mission is to support, promote and enhance the long term viability of Massachusetts agriculture with the aim of helping the state's agricultural businesses become as economically and environmental sound as possible. By so doing our farmers will continue to support and maintain thousands of acres of valuable open space for the benefit of the state's economy and environment.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 20
Department of Food and Agriculture
MGL C. 128
Agriculture and Conservation
MGL C. 129
Livestock Disease Control
MGL C. 132B
Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act
MGL C. 94A
Milk Control
MGL C. 94
Inspection and Sale of Food, Drugs and Various Articles
MGL C. 61A
Assessment & Taxation of Agricultural & Horticultural Land
MGL C. 40A S. 3
MGL C. 111 S. 125A
Public Health Nuisances
MGL C. 90 S. 9
Motor Vehicles & Aircraft - Motor Vehicles
MGL C. 10 S. 64
Retired Greyhound Care & Adoption
MGL C. 10 S. 65
Greyhound Adoption Trust Fund
MGL C. 252 S. 2
State Reclamation & Mosquito Control Board


330 CMR
Department of Agricultural Resources