This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

Section 1C - Consolidated Transfers
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

A subset of non-tax revenues come in the form of consolidated transfers. Throughout the fiscal year there are a number of transfers between and among budgeted and non-budgeted funds. The following detail the budgetary impact of these sources and uses of funds.

Fiscal Year 2010 Consolidated Transfers

Sources / Uses


Lottery Distributions to the General Fund Lottery 937,370,850
Master Settlement Tobacco Revenue Comptroller 292,038,379
General Fund Fringe Revenue Comptroller 269,206,250
Stabilization Fund Transfer to the General Fund 214,000,000
School Building Authority Transfer 150,000,000
Abandoned Property Treasurer 86,000,000
Indirect Revenues Comptroller 30,300,000
Division of Industrial Accidents Reimbursement Industrial Accidents 27,563,766
Federal Payment for Pension Costs Treasurer 16,300,000
FY10 MCCA Transfer 11,000,000
Various Trust Fund Transfers 9,000,000
Contingency Based Revenues Comptroller 7,758,828
Reimbursement for License Plate Costs Dept. of Corrections 3,137,417
State Racing Commission Revenue State Racing Commission 2,783,173
Local Housing Authority Debt Service Reimbursement Housing & Community Development 2,602,560
EHS Operating Transfer Health & Human Services 1,253,361
Lottery Transfer for Gamblers Treatment Program Public Health 1,000,000
Debt Collection Contract Receipts Comptroller 1,000,000
Child Support Enforcement Revenue for Dept of Social Services Dept. of Revenue 738,559
Senior Citizen Hunting License Fees Fish and Game 120,000
Total Sources   2,063,173,143
  General Fund
Transfer to the Commonwealth Care Trust Fund -661,685,136
Transfer to the Medical Assistance Trust Fund -399,000,000
Transfer to the State Retiree Benefit Trust Fund -372,000,000
Transfer to Transit Authorities -275,000,000
Life Sciences Transfer -10,000,000
Total General Fund   -1,717,685,136
  Other Funds
Transfer From General Fund to Commonwealth Transportation Fund 275,000,000
Transfer From General Fund to Commonwealth Wellness Fund 67,000,000
General Fund Transfer to Commonwealth Transportation Fund -275,000,000
Transfer to the General Fund from the Stabilization Fund -214,000,000
Transfer to Commonwealth Wellness Fund -67,000,000
Fringe Revenue Offset: Transportation Fund -59,790,868
Fringe Revenue Offset: Inland Fisheries and Game Fund -1,576,523
Fringe Revenue Offset: Workforce Training Fund -414,884
Fringe Revenue Offset: MA Tourism Fund -265,192
Total Other Funds   -276,047,467
Total Uses   -1,993,732,603
GRAND TOTAL   69,440,540