Section 88

Section 88 Pregnancy Related Death Reduction Pilot Program

The health policy commission, in consultation with the department of public health and the Betsy Lehman center for patient safety and medical error reduction, shall implement a 2-year pilot program to reduce pregnancy-related deaths and improve pregnancy outcomes. The commission shall consider evidence-based practices from successful programs implemented nationally and internationally in the development of the program. The department of public health shall provide relevant data to the commission in order to determine scope and scale of the program, including data on volume and prevalence of pregnancy-related deaths. The commission shall select implementation sites through a competitive process in which applicants shall demonstrate: (i) community need; (ii) the capacity to address preventable causes of complications and death related to pregnancy and child birth; (iii) the ability to facilitate care coordination among health care providers; and (iv) a plan to formalize relationships between health care providers, including hospitals and community-based care providers. The commission shall collect data to gauge the success of the program in decreasing pregnancy-related deaths and track trends within the patient population, including, but not limited to, variance by age, race, and co-morbidities. The commission shall issue a report annually, on or before June 30, to the joint committee on public health and the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate, which shall include program progress updates and outcomes data.