Section 42

Section 42 Security of Identity Documents and Confidential Information 9

Said chapter 46 is hereby further amended by striking out section 2A, as so appearing, and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

Section 2A. Examination and issuance of copies of records and returns of births, deaths or fetal deaths, or of the notices of intention of marriage and marriage shall not be permitted except upon proper judicial order, or upon request of a person seeking his own birth or marriage record, or his attorney, parent, guardian or the decedent's personal representative, or a person whose official duties, in the opinion of the municipal clerk or registrar, or the state registrar of vital records and statistics, as the case may be, entitle him to the information contained therein, nor shall certified copies thereof be furnished unless positive identification is provided. The state registrar of vital records and statistics may propose regulations regarding rules and exceptions for access and identification which are to be promulgated according to the requirements of section 3 of chapter 111. The provisions of this section shall not apply to such records which are for births and marriage, more than 90 years from date of birth or date or marriage, respectively, and for deaths more than 50 years from date of death.


This section, along with thirteen others, updates the laws governing the registration of births, deaths, and marriages and the disclosure of corresponding records to align with national best practices for the protection of personally identifiable data and confidential health information.