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Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year

SECTION 77.   Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, nursing facility rates effective October 1, 2019 under section 13D of chapter 118E of the General Laws may be developed using the costs of calendar year 2007, or any subsequent year that the secretary of health and human services may select in the secretary's discretion, provided that such nursing facility rates on an aggregate basis plus any amount appropriated to fund a rate add-on for wages, shift differentials, bonuses, benefits and related employee costs paid to direct care staff of nursing facilities shall be at least the amount such nursing facility rates would be if they were developed using the costs of calendar year 2014.

This section establishes 2007, or any subsequent year the Secretary of Health and Human Services may choose, as the base year for nursing facility rates in fiscal year 2020, as long as the total aggregate rates combined with the value of the direct care add-on at least amount to the value of total aggregate rates using a base year of 2014.