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DALA Appeal Fees

SECTION 7.   The fifth paragraph of section 4H of chapter 7 of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby amended by adding the following 2 sentences:- The division shall establish a fee structure for all appeals, except for (i) appeals brought through the bureau of special education appeals, pursuant to section 4H of chapter 7 and section 2A of chapter 71B; (ii) appeals from decisions by the commissioner of veterans' services, pursuant to section 2 of chapter 115; and (iii) appeals from the contributory retirement appeal board, pursuant to section 16 of chapter 32. The fee structure may include a waiver for financial hardship, as determined by the division.

This section enables the Division of Administrative Law Appeals to set a schedule of fees for appeals, with the exception of retirement board appeals, veterans' appeals and special education appeals. The schedule may include a waiver for financial hardship, and would be approved by the Secretary of Administration and Finance.