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Nursing Facility Assessment 1

SECTION 50.   Subsection (a) of section 63 of said chapter 118E, as so appearing, is hereby amended by adding after the definition of "assessment" the following definition:-
"Licensee", any person holding a license to operate a nursing home. In the case of a licensee which is not a natural person, licensee shall also mean any shareholder owning 5 per cent or more, any officer and any director of any corporate licensee; any limited partner owning 5 per cent or more and any general partner of a partnership licensee; any trustee of any trust licensee; any sole proprietor of any licensee which is a sole proprietorship; any mortgagee in possession and any executor or administrator of any licensee which is an estate.

This section adds the definition of Licensee, as defined by the Department of Public Health in regulation, to the nursing facility assessment statute.

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