Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2013

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2013

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8940-0101 - Indigency Verification Program

Account Description FY 2012
FY 2013
House 2
8940-0101 Indigency Verification Program
For the operation of an indigency verification unit at the department of re-entry and community supervision whose responsibility it shall be to ensure that the person claiming to be indigent meets the definition of indigency under section 2 of chapter 211D of the General Laws; provided, that the department shall develop a standard method of indigency verification that utilizes wage, tax and asset data from the department of transitional assistance, the department of revenue, the department of unemployment assistance and the registry of motor vehicles to verify the financial status of persons seeking appointment of counsel; provided further, that the department shall carry out such verifications under the guidelines found in Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rule 3:10; provided further, that the department shall file an implementation plan by September 15, 2012 and shall report quarterly thereafter to the executive office for administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means on the progress and outcomes of the department's indigency verification efforts including the number of defendants screened, the number found to be indigent, the results of both the required 60 day and 6 month re-assessments of need and suggestions for improvements to the process; provided further, that the commissioner may transfer up to 50 per cent of the amount appropriated in this item to item 8940-0100; and provided further, that 15 days before any such transfer is made, the commissioner shall file with the secretary of administration and finance and the house and senate committees on ways and means a plan showing the amounts to be transferred and the reason for the proposed transfer
0 3,958,386

Established appropriation to fund new initiative.


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