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The Parole Board identifies those parole eligible offenders for whom there is sufficient indication that confinement has served its purpose and sets the conditions of parole. The Parole Board strives to understand the concerns of victims and the general public and gives full consideration to these concerns when setting policy and making parole decisions.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 27 S. 4
Parole Board Members
MGL C. 27 S. 5
Parole Board Powers and Duties
MGL C. 127 S. 130
Paroling Statute
MGL C. 27 S. 7
Special Members of the Parole Board
MGL C. 127 S. 133A
Eligibility for Parole; notice and hearing
MGL C. 127 S. 133B
Parole of prisoners declared to be habitual criminals; conditions; revision; revocation
MGL C. 127 S. 133
Granting of parole permits by board; eligibility and requisites
MGL C. 127 S. 158
Parole board agents; duties
MGL C. 127 S. 131
Giving of parolee written copy of terms and conditions of parole
MGL C. 127 S. 131A
Notice to State and Local Police of terms and conditions of parole permits
MGL C. 127 S. 154
Parole board as advisory board of pardons; powers and duties
MGL C. 127 S. 128
Issuance of Parole Permits
MGL C. 127 S. 151D
Chairman of parole board as compact administrator and state commissioner; appointment of state council
MGL C. 127 S. 134
Appearance before board; investigation and hearing by staff members; reports; sentences served in other states
MGL C. 127 S. 127
Special State Police Officers, powers and duties
MGL C. 127 S. 149
Arrest for violation of permit; application of terms of original sentence; computation of period of confinement
MGL C. 127 S. 149A
Temporary custody of parolees; warrant
MGL C. 127 S. 133D1/2
Global positioning system device to be worn by certain sex offender parolees


120 CMR 000
120 Code Mass. Regs, Parole Board.