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Outside Section 36
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

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Codification of Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Program

SECTION 36.   Chapter 19 of the General Laws is hereby amended by hereby amended by inserting after section 16 the following section:-

Section 16A. (a) Subject to appropriation, the department shall operate a statewide program to provide remote mental health consultations available for a at least 5 days a week to pediatricians, family physicians, nurse practitioners and primary care practices for persons under the age of 19 who exhibit a possible mental health or substance use disorder and to health care providers of women who are presenting with signs of post-partum depression.

(b) Expenditures on this program by the department that are related to services provided on behalf of commercially-insured clients shall be assessed by the commissioner on surcharge payors as defined in section 64 of chapter 118E.