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Outside Section 164
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Martha's Vineyard Center for Living Lease

SECTION 164.   (a) Notwithstanding section 14 of chapter 34 of the General Laws or any other general or special law to the contrary but subject to paragraphs (a), (b) and (g) of section 16 of chapter 30B of the General Laws, the county commissioners of the county of Dukes County may lease space in a building acquired by the county pursuant to section 112 of chapter 287 of the acts of 2014 to the Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, or its designee or affiliate, for an initial term not to exceed 30 years to conduct health and social services for the benefit of residents of the county or visitors to the county including, but not limited to, the following programs for seniors: a supportive day program; a medical taxi program; food and meals programs; and outreach and referral programs for seniors. The lease may provide that the Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, Inc. may, on terms acceptable to the county commissioners, design, construct or build out the leased premises. The lease shall provide that the costs of the improvements to the leased premises shall be taken into account as part of the consideration for the lease. The lease shall include provisions to ensure community accessibility in a manner consistent with the corporate and charitable purposes of the Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, Inc.

(b) If the leased premise are used for any purpose other than the purposes listed in subsection (a) or as listed in the terms of the lease that is finally negotiated with the county commissioners, then the authorization to lease space in the building to the Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, Inc. granted by this section shall immediately become null and void.

(c) Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the design and construction of any improvements to the premises leased under subsection (a) shall be exempt from sections 44 to 58, inclusive, of chapter 7C of the General Laws, section 39M of chapter 30 of the General Laws, sections 44A to 44M, inclusive, of chapter 149 of the General Laws and chapter 149A of the General Laws; provided, however, that any construction or improvements by the Martha's Vineyard Center for Living, Inc., or its designee or affiliate, to the leased space shall be subject to sections 26 to 27H, inclusive, of said chapter 149.