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Budget Summary FY2017

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45309000 - Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Services
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account Description FY2016
4530-9000 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Services
For teenage pregnancy prevention services; provided, that applications for such funds shall be administered through the department upon receipt and approval of coordinated community service plans to be evaluated under the guidelines issued by the department; provided further, that portions of the grants may be used for state agency purchases of designated services identified by the community service plans; provided further, that funding shall be expended on those communities with the highest teen birth rates according to an annual statistical estimate conducted by the department; provided further, that funds shall be expended on programming directed at children under the care of the department of children and families who are at high risk for teenage pregnancy; and provided further, that the department shall collaborate with the department of children and families on this programming; provided further, that the department shall expend not less than $150,000 for a data collection and evaluation program; provided further, that the program shall continue to conduct longitudinal tracking of program participants to examine the long-term impact of educational interventions on behaviors; provided further, that the department of elementary and secondary education shall provide local school district-level Youth Risk Behavior Survey data to the department of public health to target and evaluate intervention strategies; and provided further, that not later than March 1, 2017, the department shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means on: (a) the progress of the program; (b) results; and (c) recommendations for fiscal year 2018 and 2019

2,536,148 2,575,922

Veto Explanation:   I am reducing this item to the amount projected to be necessary.