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Budget Summary FY2017

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45120202 - Secure Treatment Facilities for Opiate Addiction
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account Description FY2016
4512-0202 Secure Treatment Facilities for Opiate Addiction
For jail diversion programs primarily for nonviolent offenders with OxyContin or heroin addiction, to be procured by the department of public health; provided, that each program shall have not fewer than 60 beds and shall provide clinical assessment services to the respective courts, inpatient treatment for up to 90 days and ongoing case management services for up to 1 year; provided further, that individuals may be diverted to this or other programs by a district attorney in conjunction with the commissioner of probation if: (a) there is reason to believe that the individual being diverted suffers from an addiction to OxyContin, heroin or another substance use disorder; and (b) the diversion of the individual is clinically appropriate and consistent with established clinical and public safety criteria; provided further, that programs shall be established in separate counties in locations deemed suitable by the department of public health; provided further, that the department of public health shall coordinate operations with the sheriffs, the district attorneys, the commissioner of probation and the department of correction; and provided further, that not more than $500,000 shall be used to support the ongoing treatment needs of clients after 90 days for which there is no other payer
1,978,921 2,000,000