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Budget Summary FY2017

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17500105 - Chargeback for Workers' Compensation
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

Account Description FY2016
1750-0105 Chargeback for Workers' Compensation
For the cost of the commonwealth's workers' compensation program, including the workers' compensation litigation unit; provided, that the secretary of administration and finance shall charge state agencies for workers' compensation costs, including related administrative expenses, incurred on behalf of the employees of those agencies; provided further, that the personnel administrator shall administer those charges on behalf of the secretary and may establish regulations considered necessary to implement this item; provided further, that the personnel administrator shall notify agencies regarding the chargeback methodology to be used in fiscal year 2017 and the amount of their estimated workers' compensation charges and shall require agencies to encumber sufficient funds to meet the estimated charges, including any additional amounts considered necessary under the regulations; provided further, that for any agency that fails within 60 days of the effective date of this act to encumber funds sufficient to meet the estimated charges, the comptroller shall encumber funds on behalf of that agency; provided further, that the personnel administrator shall determine the amount of the actual workers' compensation costs incurred by each agency in the preceding month, including related administrative expenses, notify each agency of those amounts, charge those amounts to each agency's accounts as estimates of the costs to be incurred in the current month and transfer those amounts to this item; provided further, that any unspent balance in this item as of June 30 of the current fiscal year shall be re-authorized for expenditure in the next fiscal year; and provided further, that prior year costs for hospital, physician, benefit and other costs may be funded from this item
                Intragovernmental Service Fund ............... 100%
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