07100225 - Medicaid Audit Unit

Account Description FY2015
0710-0225 Medicaid Audit Unit
For the operation of the Medicaid audit unit within the division of audit operations to prevent and identify fraud and abuse in the MassHealth system; provided, that the federal reimbursement for any expenditure from this item shall not be less than 50 per cent; provided further, that the division shall submit a report not later than March 15, 2016 to the house and senate committees on ways and means detailing all findings on activities and payments made through the MassHealth system; provided further, that the report shall include, to the extent available, a review of all post-audit efforts undertaken by MassHealth to recoup payments owed to the commonwealth due to identified fraud and abuse; provided further, that the report shall include the responses of MassHealth to the most recent post-audit review survey, including the status of recoupment efforts; and provided further, that the report shall include the unit's recommendations to enhance recoupment efforts
849,161 1,164,638