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Outside Section 63
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

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SECTION 63.   Chapter 40J of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting after section 6H the following section:-

Section 6I. (a) The Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation established in section 3 and doing business as the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative shall, subject to appropriation, establish and promote computer science education in public schools. The collaborative shall serve as the state agent in support of the objectives of the Massachusetts Computing Attainment Network, or MassCAN; provided, however, that the primary goal of MassCAN shall be to strengthen the growth and vitality of the commonwealth's technology industry and the technology dependent business sectors by implementing a broad-based education and workforce strategy with the objective of increasing the number of students prepared to pursue computing technology careers. In furtherance of this goal, MassCAN shall seek to promote an environment in which all students in kindergarten to grade 12, inclusive, have access to computer science courses. MassCAN may, subject to the availability of funds: (i) promote the development and implementation of educational programs, courses and modules for students in kindergarten to grade 12, inclusive, and teachers; (ii) collaborate with the department of elementary and secondary education in developing new voluntary computer science standards for kindergarten to grade 12, inclusive; (iii) collaborate with the department of higher education to create computer science professional development hubs at universities in each of the regional science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, networks established by the department; (iv) develop a school district-based program to assist teachers and administrators with the implementation of new computer science courses; (v) develop and maintain a website to share computer science resources and broadly communicate best practices and successes; (vi) connect computer science students with industry professionals to enhance students' understanding of the relevance of their educational experience to the workplace and STEM career opportunities; (vii) identify the particular needs of school districts with disproportionately high numbers of underrepresented minorities; and (viii) leverage at least $1 in matching funds from non-state sources of funding for every $1 expended within the commonwealth. MassCAN shall take into consideration the recommendations of the STEM advisory council established in section 218 of chapter 6 when developing and implementing educational programs.

(b) There shall be a MassCAN advisory board to consist of 9 members to be appointed by the governor, including: 1 person recommended by the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, Inc.; 1 person recommended by the Massachusetts Business Roundtable; 1 person recommended by the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, Inc.; 1 person recommended by a federally-funded research corporation; 1 person recommended by the chair of the computer science department of a public university; 1 person recommended by the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, Inc.; 1 person recommended by the Greater Boston chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association; 1 person recommended by the METCO program; and 1 person recommended by the Massachusetts chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

(c) The collaborative shall file an annual report on or before September 30 with the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate who shall forward the same to the house and senate committees on ways and means and the joint committee on economic development and emerging technologies. The report shall detail a 3-year strategic plan, annual goals and progress in achieving those goals. The report shall be published on the website of the collaborative.