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Budget Summary FY2016

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Outside Section 203
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

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SECTION 203.   In addition to those powers otherwise provided in this act, the control board may: (i) establish separate operating and capital budgets each with clearly designated revenue sources and uses and establish policies and procedures to ensure that no funds are commingled between operating and capital budgets; (ii) establish 1-year and 5-year operating budgets beginning with fiscal year 2017, which are balanced primarily through a combination of internal cost controls and increased own-source revenues consistent with paragraph (q) of section 5 of chapter 161A of the General Laws and which facilitate the transfer of all employees of the authority from the capital budget to the operating budget; provided, however, that the 1-year and 5-year budgets shall be consistent with section 20 of said chapter 161A; (iii) establish 5-year and 20-year capital plans that include a phased program for the complete restoration of the physical assets of the authority including its vehicle fleet, a plan to address failings within the existing capital program and funding recommendations to meet the region's transit needs; (iv) establish a rigorous performance management system and performance metrics and targets that address, among other things, maximizing of own-source revenues, increasing ridership, reducing absenteeism, addressing vacancies and attrition, improving employee morale, achieving procurement and contracting improvements and improving customer focus and orientation; (v) review any contract for the provision of services entered into by the authority, including contracts entered into before the establishment of the fiscal and management control board, including, but not limited to, commuter rail and paratransit service contracts, and amend those contracts, as necessary, in accordance with their terms; and           (vi) establish, increase, or decrease any fare, fee, rate, or charge for any service, license or activity within the scope of the authority subject to and consistent with subsection (d) of section 61 of chapter 46 of the acts of 2013.