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Outside Section 160
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Public-Private Partnership Working Group

SECTION 160.   There shall be a public-private partnership working group to review and evaluate statutory and regulatory obstacles to the formation and use of public-private partnerships in the commonwealth. For the purposes of this section, "public-private partnership" shall include, but not be limited to, contractual agreements between a governmental entity and a private or not-for-profit entity in connection with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a public asset that provides alternative finance and delivery methods in the commonwealth, including, design-build-finance-operate-maintain services or design-build-operate-maintain services. The working group shall investigate and make recommendations to the general court on the current practices, administrative efficiencies and cost benefits of increased usage of public-private partnerships. The working group shall file a report of its findings, along with any recommendations for legislation, with the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate within 120 days of the first meeting of the working group. The report shall also include an examination of how public-private partnerships and alternate finance and delivery methods may be applied to various types of infrastructure projects including but not limited to, higher education facilities and housing and economic development projects.

The working group shall have 14 members consisting of: the secretary of administration and finance or a designee, who shall serve as chair; the attorney general or a designee; the inspector general or a designee; the secretary of housing and economic development or a designee; the undersecretary of housing or a designee, the secretary of energy and environmental affairs or a designee; the secretary of transportation or a designee; the president of the Massachusetts Building Trades Council or a designee; and 6 members to be appointed by the governor, 1 of whom shall be a representative of the business community; 1 of whom shall be a representative of the construction industry; 1 of whom shall be from an engineering consulting firm; 1 of whom shall be a representative from the Massachusetts Port Authority; 1 of whom shall be a representative from the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency; and 1 of whom shall be a representative from Massachusetts Development Finance Agency.