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Budget Summary FY2015

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45131111 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Data Current as of:  10/17/2014

Account Description FY2014
4513-1111 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
For the promotion of health and disease prevention including, but not limited to, the following programs: (a) breast cancer prevention; (b) diabetes screening and outreach; (c) ovarian cancer screening; (d) a statewide STOP stroke program and ongoing stroke prevention and education; (e) hepatitis C prevention and management; (e) multiple sclerosis screening, information, education and treatment programs and the multiple sclerosis home living navigating key services program administered by the Central New England Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society; (g) colorectal cancer prevention; (h) prostate cancer screening, education and treatment with a particular focus on African American males; (i) osteoporosis education; (j) maintenance of the statewide lupus database; and (k) that $200,000 shall be expended for macular degeneration research, prevention and treatment; provided further, that funds may be expended for the operation of the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction; provided further, that $100,000 shall be appropriated to the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth to be expended for operation of the Cranberry Health Research Center at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth; provided further, that such funds shall be contingent upon receipt of 2 for each 1 dollar of matching funds from the federal government, private funds or other discretionary university funds; provided further, that use of such funds shall be done with the advice and consent of the Cranberry Health Research Center Advisory Board appointed by the Director of the Cranberry Health Research Center; provided further, that not less than $50,000 shall be expended for the Haitian-American Public Health Initiatives to provide vital healthcare and education services to families and children in the Haitian community in the city of Boston and the town of Milton; provided further, notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, $250,000 shall be appropriated for Mass in Motion programming, contingent upon receipt of matching prevention federal block grant funds; and provided further, that not less than $50,000 shall be expended for education and support of patients diagnosed with PKU or related disorders and their families through a grant to NECPAD
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