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Reform Representation of Indigent Defendants-CPCS

SECTION 174.   Notwithstanding the provisions of section 41C of chapter 7 or any general or special law to the contrary, in the interest of providing immediate and cost-effective office space, the committee for public counsel services, established under chapter 211D of the General Laws, may lease buildings and land owned by a county, city or town, or public and private entity to provide suitable quarters and space for committee personnel and necessary related activities such as parking; provided, however, that the division of capital asset management and maintenance shall identify any office space that may be vacated by the staffing plan implemented pursuant to item 0321-1500 and shall prioritize use for committee personnel. The chief counsel shall be responsible for negotiating leases between the committee and other parties; provided, however, that prior to the signing of any agreement, the terms of the lease shall be submitted to the division of capital asset management and maintenance for review and comment. No payments for rent shall exceed the prevailing rent a commercial establishment would pay for comparable space in that geographic area, excluding that portion of said prevailing rent attributable to property taxes. Every county, city, or town which receives rental payments pursuant to this section shall submit a schedule to the committee and the division detailing the cost of maintenance, repairs, utilities and debt service on the rented facilities.