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Office of Commonwealth Accountability and Transparency

SECTION 12.   Said subsection (d) of said section 4A of said chapter 7 is hereby further amended by inserting after the second paragraph, inserted by section 10 of chapter 56 of the acts of 2010, the following paragraph:-

(e) The office of commonwealth performance, accountability and transparency shall be headed by an assistant secretary of commonwealth performance, accountability and transparency who shall be appointed by the secretary. The assistant secretary shall have at least 5 years experience in the area of performance management systems. The office shall: (1) execute a performance management program throughout the executive department including, within statutory limits for each agency, defining missions; creating measurable goals; establishing strategies for achieving those goals and relating them to budget development; (2) monitor and review federal grant applications made on behalf of the commonwealth and coordinate efforts to maximize federal revenue opportunities and oversight of compliance with federal reporting requirements; (3) ensure transparency of the commonwealth's administration and finance activities, including the operation of the searchable website required by section 14C; (4) establish and maintain a central intake unit for reports of fraud, waste and abuse; (5) establish and maintain an economic forecasting and analysis unit to coordinate all spending and revenue forecasting by state agencies and coordinate with the caseload and economic forecasting office established in section 4R; (6) perform the executive office's duties for privatization contracts under section 54; (7) reduce and simplify paperwork of state agencies and departments by adopting uniform forms or federal forms, if possible, when they are shorter than the corresponding state forms; (8) implement and streamline electronic paperwork options to better facilitate public interaction with state agencies; and (9) collaborate with other state agencies, authorities and other entities to carry out these purposes.