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Outside Section 74
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

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Virtual Schools

SECTION 74.   Section 92 of said chapter 71, inserted by section 8 of chapter 12 of the acts of 2010, is hereby amended by adding the following 2 subsections:-

(q) A school committee operating an Innovation School that is a virtual public school may vote to allow students who do not reside in the district to enroll in the virtual public school pursuant to section 12B of chapter 76; provided, however, that the vote and policy is consistent with department of elementary and secondary education regulations governing enrollment at such schools; provided further, that any student enrolled in a virtual public school shall have no right to attend any other school operated by that school committee. Notwithstanding subsection (b), an Innovation School that is a virtual public school may receive each school year from the school committee less than the same per pupil allocation as any other district school receives.

(r) Failure by a school district to transfer funds to an Innovation School, as required in subsection (b) shall result in a deduction of the amount therein from the home school district's chapter 70 per pupil allotment for the following fiscal year.