Organization Chart


There are six comprehensive state colleges: Bridgewater State College, Fitchburg State College, Framingham State College, Salem State College, Westfield State College, and Worcester State College; and three specialized colleges: Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, and Massachusetts Maritime Academy. All colleges integrate liberal arts and sciences programs with professional education, and the three specialized colleges also focus on academic areas identified in the college's name.

Each college places a special emphasis on teaching and lifelong learning and promotes a campus life that fosters intellectual, social, and ethical development. Committed to excellence in instruction and to providing responsive, innovative, and educational programs of high quality, they seek to develop each student's critical thinking, quantitative, technological, oral, and written communication skills, and practical appreciation of the arts, sciences, and humanities as they affect good citizenship and an improved quality of life. The state colleges provide a campus environment where the ideas, values, perspectives, and contributions of all students are respected.

Massachusetts state colleges are strategically located to facilitate access to baccalaureate and master's degree programs for Commonwealth residents who meet their high standards for admission. In recognition of their responsibilities to Massachusetts taxpayers to manage their resources efficiently and to maintain tuition and fees at a level as low as possible, each college has a distinctive academic focus based upon its established strengths and regional and state needs. Each college is a leader and resource for the community and contributes to the region's cultural, environmental, and economic development.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 15A S. 1-40
Public Education
MGL C. 73 S. 1-20
State Colleges and Community Colleges


610 CMR
Board of Higher Education