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The Department of Children and Families' statutory mission is to direct its efforts first to strengthen and encourage family life for the protection and care of children; to assist and encourage the use by any family of all available resources to this end; and to provide substitute care of children only when the family itself or the resources available to the family are unable to provide the necessary care and protection to insure the rights of any child to sound health and normal physical, mental, spiritual and moral development.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 18B S. 1-22
Department of Children and Families
MGL C. 119 S. 1-51G
Protection and Care of Children
MGL C. 190B S. 5
Guardians and Conservators
MGL C. 210 S. 1-14
Adoption of Children and Change of Name
MGL C. 112 S. 135-135A
Social Worker Privilege


110 CMR
Department of Social Services