Department of Environmental Protection

Account  FY2010
House 1
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 59,149 54,902 54,614 53,234 53,699
Direct Appropriations
Recycling Coordination Solid Waste Management Programs and Projects 5,0002,695000
Department of Environmental Protection Administration 30,05629,73830,05629,75529,755
Redemption Centers Operations 005500475
Toxics Use Reduction Act 931831924831831
Clean Air Act 983983983983983
Clean Air Act Operating Permit and Compliance Program 2,0121,9571,9571,9571,957
Safe Drinking Water Act 1,5981,5761,5761,5861,576
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Program 15,78814,42015,78815,42015,420
Brownfields Site Audit Program 1,4561,4561,4561,4561,456
Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals 420342419342342
Retained Revenues
Wetlands Permitting Fee Retained Revenue 904904904904904
Federal Grant Spending22,646 22,646 22,626 25,739 26,106
Water Quality Management Planning 373373373535535
Cooperative Agreement - Leaking Underground Storage Tanks 1,0001,0001,0009851,000
Environmental Restoration Program for Department of Defense 1,4221,4221,4221,3911,422
Superfund Block Grant 886886886976976
Brownfields Assessment Program Multi-Site Cooperative Agreement 225225225231231
Brownfield Pilots Cooperative Agreements 0002222
Brownfields Response 1,5501,5501,5501,5701,570
Air, Water, and Hazardous Waste Management Regulatory Programs 15,25615,25615,25617,61217,612
Environmental Information Exchange 000195195
Fiscal Year 2007 Environmental Information Networking Grant 464646186186
Environmental Information Exchange Network 2602602600260
Reimbursement to Operators of Small Water Systems for Training and Certification 214214214304304
Special Appropriation Set - Aside Administration 5656564456
Estuaries Watershed Permitting 1414141919
Technical Assistance and Training for Drinking Water 5555555959
Regional Dedicated Water Quality 151515015
Clean Air Act - Fine Particulate Matter Air Monitoring 466466446446446
Ambient Air Toxics Pilot Project 747474134134
Mass Food Waste RCC Project 0003232
Innovative Environment Compliance Strategies 0005555
Homeland Security Co-op Agreement 651651651864864
School Bus Retrofit Project 0002020
Off-Road Construction Vehicle Retrofit Project 00055
Composting and Recycling 00055
Air Toxic - Spatial Trends 8282824982
Trust and Other Spending * 17,127 17,127 0 0 0
Special Projects Permit/Oversight Fund 141141000
Water Pollution Abatement Department of Environmental Protection Administrative 2,7632,763000
Oil Spill Permitting 2,4312,431000
Springfield Materials Recycling Facility 104104000
Department of Environmental Protection - DB Companies, Inc. Expendable Trust 1010000
USGen of New England, Inc. 5050000
Boston Junk Expendable Trust 5050000
Department of Environmental Protection - Administration of Federal Funds 3,1823,182000
Federal Water Pollution Abatement 1,2751,275000
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund - Administration Trust 5,1575,157000
Southern States Energy Board 1818000
Tewksbury Industries, Inc. Expendable Trust Superior Court Civil Action 5050000
Bedford Harbor Expendable Trust 5050000
Route 3 North Design Build Expendable Trust 22000
General Electric Expendable Trust 221221000
Katrina Properties, Inc. 5050000
Naval Air Station 2626000
Starmet Drum Removal 169169000
Silresim Superfund Lowell Operation and Maintenance Consent Decree 890890000
Silresim Lowell Replacement Costs Consent Decree 5050000
Charles George Tyngsborough Response Costs Consent Decree 263263000
Charles George Tyngsborough Natural Resource Damage Decree 1010000
Fort Devens Expendable Trust 164164000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.