89107100 - Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association

Account Description FY2009
8910-7100 Massachusetts Sheriffs' Association
For the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association which may expend for its operation an amount not to exceed $344,790 in revenue collected from voluntary contributions from all sheriffs; provided, that the sheriffs shall appoint persons to serve as executive director, assistant executive director and research director and other staff positions as necessary for the purpose of coordination and standardization of services and programs, the collection and analysis of data related to incarceration and recidivism and generation of reports, technical assistance and training to ensure standardization in organization, operations, and procedures; provided further, that this staff shall not be subject to section 45 of chapter 30 of the General Laws or chapter 31 of the General Laws and shall serve at the will and pleasure of a majority of sheriffs; provided further, that the executive director of the association shall submit a report that shows the amounts of all grants awarded to each sheriff in fiscal year 2009; and provided further, that the report shall be submitted to the house and senate committees on ways and means not later than February 1, 2010
329,176 344,790