70610011 - Education Reform Reserve

Account Description FY2009
7061-0011 Education Reform Reserve
For a reserve to: (1) meet extraordinary increases in the minimum required local contribution of a municipality pursuant to the requirements of section 3 of this act; provided, that a municipality seeking funds hereunder shall apply for a waiver from the department of revenue pursuant to section 114 of this act; provided further, that the commissioner shall issue a finding concerning such waiver applications within 30 days of the receipt thereof, after consulting with the commissioner of elementary and secondary education regarding the merits of such application; (2) assist regional school districts which, prior to fiscal year 2010, have assessed member towns using the provisions of their regional agreement, and which, in fiscal year 2010, will assess member towns using the required contributions calculated pursuant to said section 3; (3) assist towns impacted by stresses in the commercial agricultural, fishing or lobster industry whose required local contribution exceeds 75 per cent of their foundation budget; (4) assist towns negatively impacted by shortfalls in federal impact aid for the education of children in families employed by the federal government on military reservations located within the town's limits; provided, that any grants provided under this item shall be expended by a school committee without further appropriation; (5) assist regional school districts in rural areas which meet each of the following: (a) they have fewer than 30 full-time enrollment students per square mile; and (b) they have experienced more than 7 per cent enrollment decline between fiscal year 2004 and fiscal year 2009; provided further, that preference shall be given to those districts that have joined the group insurance commission before July 1, 2009; (6) meet extraordinary increases of greater than 10 per cent in a municipality's total required contribution in municipalities whose target required local contribution exceeds 70 per cent of their foundation budget; provided, that not less than $500,000 shall be used for this purpose; (7) assist towns in which in excess of one-third of the total land mass of the town is owned and controlled by the commonwealth and which receive payment in lieu of taxes on less than 25 per cent of said land; (8) assist operating districts in which the chapter 70 aid, so-called, distributed in fiscal year 2010 is less than the chapter 70 aid distributed in fiscal year 2002; and (9) assist towns which host a campus of the University of Massachusetts, but which have a target aid percentage of only 17.5 per cent; provided further, that any grants provided to school districts from this item shall be expended by a school committee without further appropriation; provided further, that the department shall make not less than 80 per cent of the awards from this item no later than October 15, 2009; and provided further, that no funds distributed from this item shall be considered prior year chapter 70 aid nor shall they be used in the calculation of the minimum required local contribution for fiscal year 2011

4,312,000 0

Veto Explanation:  I am vetoing this item because it is not consistent with my House 1 revised recommendation.



City / Town
Extraordinary Increases Statewide500,000