70271004 - English Language Acquisition

Account Description FY2009
7027-1004 English Language Acquisition
For English language acquisition professional development to improve the academic performance of English language learners and effectively implement sheltered English immersion as outlined in chapter 386 of the acts of 2002; provided, that the department shall only approve professional development courses and offerings with proven, replicable results in improving teacher performance, and which shall have demonstrated the use of best practices, as determined by the department, including data comparing pre-training and post-training knowledge; provided further, that the department shall, not later than February 15, 2010, provide a report on the number of educators who have received such training since passage of said chapter 386, the estimated number who need such additional training, and a review and analysis of the most effective types of professional development and the most common gaps in the knowledge base of educators implementing English immersion and teaching English language acquisition, along with legislative or regulatory recommendations of the department; provided further, that said report shall be provided to the secretary of administration and finance, the senate president, the speaker of the house, the chairs of the house and senate ways and means committees and the house and senate chairs of the joint committee on education; and provided further, that no funds shall be expended for personnel costs
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