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Cost of Fire Services

SECTION 67.   Chapter 175 of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking out, as so appearing, section 195 and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

Section 195. (a) Sums for the estimated expenses for the purposes specified in subsection (b) shall be paid to the commonwealth by insurance companies writing fire, homeowners multiple peril or commercial multiple peril policies on property situated in the commonwealth within 30 days after notice from the commissioner of such estimated expenses. The commissioner shall apportion such estimated charges among all such companies and shall assess them for the same on a fair and reasonable basis. The commissioner shall subsequently apportion actual costs among all such companies and shall make assessment adjustments for the same for any variation between estimated and actual costs on a fair and reasonable basis. Such estimated and actual costs shall include an amount equal to the cost of fringe benefits as established by the secretary of administration and finance under section 6B of chapter 29.

(b) The costs to be paid under subsection (a) shall be for the following purposes: (1) the operation of state fire training facilities and curriculum for firefighting personnel; (2) implementing sections 26G1/2 and 34A to 34D, inclusive, of chapter 148, and chapter 304 of the acts of 2004; (3) student awareness of fire education programs; (4) the firefighting equipment grant program; and (5) capital improvements to state fire service facilities, including reimbursing the General Fund for debt service on bonds issued to pay for these capital improvements.