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Budget Summary FY2009

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Cigar Tobacco Reclassification-12

SECTION 97.   Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, every vending machine operator or retailer, as defined in section 1 of chapter 64C of the General Laws, or any other licensee, as prescribed by the commissioner of revenue, who, at the commencement of business on the effective date of this section, has on hand any cigars or smoking tobacco for sale, shall make and file with the commissioner of revenue within 20 days thereafter a return, subscribed under the penalties of perjury, showing a complete inventory of such cigars and smoking tobacco, and shall, at the time he is required to file such return, pay the excise due on any cigars and smoking tobacco on which he has not previously remitted the excise to the commissioner of revenue. All provisions of chapters 62C and 64C of the General Laws relative to the assessment, collection, payment, abatement, verification and administration of taxes, including penalties, shall, so far as pertinent, apply to the excise imposed by this section.