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Budget Summary FY2009

Outside Section 53
Data Current as of:  6/22/2009

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Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Commission

SECTION 53.   Section 5 of chapter 111K of the General Laws, as so appearing, is hereby amended by striking out clause (h) and inserting in place thereof the following 2 clauses:-

(h) to authorize and make payment of all administrative costs, not to exceed 5 per cent of the monies transferred into the fund in a given fiscal year, related to the management of the program including, but not limited to, costs for staff to manage the program and coordinate the work assigned by the commission and materials development, printing, postage and telephone expenses; provided, however, that administrative costs shall not include staff costs related to case management services, including the evaluation and processing of applications; and

(i) to review and approve annual operating expenses.