Governor Charles D. Baker's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2017

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1201-0100 - Department of Revenue

Account Description FY 2016
FY 2017
House 2
1201-0100 Department of Revenue
For the operation of the department of revenue, including the tax administration division and the audit of certain foreign corporations; provided, that the department may allocate funds to the office of the attorney general for the purpose of the tax prosecution unit; provided further, that the department may charge item 1201-0160 for the costs of personnel and other support expenses provided to the child support enforcement unit; provided further, that notwithstanding section 1 of chapter 31 of the General Laws, seasonal positions funded by this account are positions requiring the services of an incumbent, on either a full-time or less than full-time basis beginning no earlier than December 1 and ending no later than November 30; and provided further, that seasonal positions funded by this account may not be filled by an incumbent for more than 10-months within a 12-month period
76,367,797 77,536,444


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