Governor Charles D. Baker's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2016

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Fiscal Note

The Governor submits the House 1 budget recommendation for FY 2016 for the maintenance of the departments, boards, commissions, institutions and certain activities of the Commonwealth, for interest, sinking fund and serial bond requirements. The Governor’s budget recommendation totals $38.062 B, before including the state’s annual contribution for employee pension costs. When accounting for state pension costs, total FY 2016 state spending equals $40.034 B. The estimated spending for the current fiscal year (FY 2015) totals $36.938 B.  FY 2016 spending will be 3.0% greater in estimated spending than FY 2015.

Fiscal Summary
  FY2015 FY2016 Annual Change % Change
Appropriated Spending 36,938 38,062 1,124 3.0%
State Pension Contribution: 1,793 1,972 179 9.98%
Spending Including Pensions: 38,731 40,034 1,303 3.36%


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