Governor Charles D. Baker's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2016

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7004-0108 - Massachusetts Short Term Housing Transition Program

Account Description FY 2015
FY 2016
House 1
7004-0108 Massachusetts Short Term Housing Transition Program
For a program of short-term housing assistance to help families in addressing obstacles to maintaining or securing housing for families eligible for temporary emergency shelter under item 7004-0101; provided, that the assistance provided under this item shall include not less than 12 months of housing stabilization and economic self-sufficiency case management services for each family receiving household assistance under this item; provided further, that the assistance may include, but shall not be limited to: payments of rent and utility arrears, a portion of the household's monthly rent, first month's rent, last month's rent, security deposit, utility charges and extraordinary medical bills, so long as such assistance will maintain housing for the family; provided further, that assistance from this item shall not exceed $8,000 in a 12 month period; provided further, that a family shall not receive more than a combined sum of $8,000 in a 12 month period from this item and item 7004-9316; provided further, that funds shall be used to transition families served by the program into temporary or permanent sustainable housing more rapidly; provided further, that so long as a family meets the requirements of the family's housing stabilization plan, a family that, after first receiving benefits through this item, has an income which exceeds 50 per cent of area median income shall not become ineligible for assistance due to exceeding the income limit for a period of 6 months from the date that the income level was exceeded; provided further, that a family that was terminated from the program or did not make a good faith effort to follow its housing stabilization plan during the term of its assistance shall be ineligible for benefits under item 7004-0101 and this item for 24 months from the last date they received assistance under said items, including housing stabilization and economic self-sufficiency case management services; provided further, that a family's housing stabilization plan shall adequately accommodate the age and disabilities of the family members; provided further, that no family with a head of household who is over 60 years of age or who is disabled and who is in compliance with the requirements of a housing stabilization plan that accommodates disabilities shall be denied short-term housing assistance; provided further, that any such family with a head of household who is over 60 years of age or who is disabled shall not have engaged in, or be engaged in, any activity that threatens the health, safety or security of the family, other program participants or program staff; provided further, that families receiving benefits under this program who are found not to be eligible for continuing benefits shall be eligible for aid pending a timely appeal under chapter 23B of the General Laws; provided further, that families who are denied assistance under this item may appeal that denial under said chapter 23B, including subsection (F) of section 30, and regulations adopted to implement said chapter 23B; provided further, that benefits under this item shall be provided only to residents of the commonwealth of Massachusetts who are citizens of the United States or aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence or otherwise permanently residing under color of law in the United States; provided further, that the department, as a condition of continued eligibility for assistance under this program, may require disclosure of social security numbers by all members of a family receiving assistance under this item for use in verification of income with other agencies, departments and executive offices; provided further, that any family in which a member of the family fails to provide a social security number for use in verifying the family's income and eligibility shall no longer be eligible to receive benefits from this program; provided further, that the department shall administer this program through the following agencies unless administering agencies are otherwise procured by the department: the Berkshire Housing Development Corporation, the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance, Inc., the Community Teamwork, Inc., the Housing Assistance Corporation, the Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Hap, Inc., the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, Inc., the Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development, the South Middlesex Opportunity Council, Inc., the South Shore Housing Development Corporation, and RCAP Solutions, Inc.; provided further, that the department of housing and community development shall reallocate financing based on performance based statistics from under-performing service providers to above average service providers in order to move as many families from hotel, motels, or shelters into more sustainable housing; provided further, that the department may use funds provided for this program for stabilization workers to focus efforts on housing retention, and link households to supports including job training, education, job search, and childcare opportunities available and may enter into agreements with other public and private agencies for the provision of such services, and that a stabilization worker shall be assigned to each household; and provided further, that this entire item shall be subject to appropriation and, in the event of a deficiency, nothing in this item shall give rise to or shall be construed as giving rise to any enforceable right or entitlement to services in excess of the amounts appropriated in this item
25,955,534 26,249,331


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