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  1. Integrated Facilities Management of State Properties
  2. Authority to Terminate and Renegotiate Leases
  3. State Climatologist
  4. Health and Prevention Fund; Health Insurance Expansion Fund
  5. Authorization to Transfer Fund Balances
  6. Updated Pension Schedule
  7. Sheriff Compensation
  8. Changes to Existing Tax Laws
  9. Foundation Budget Review Commission
  10. Expand Bottle Bill
  11. Delay FAS 109 Deduction
  12. Inspector General's Audits of Health Safety Net and MassHealth Program
  13. Expenditures from Fiscal Year 2014 Surplus
  14. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  15. Stabilization Fund Transfers
  16. Suspension of Tourism Formula
  17. Transfers between Health Funds
  18. Special Education Inflation Rate Freeze
  19. Initial Gross Payments to Qualifying Acute Care Hospitals
  20. MassHealth Dental Coverage
  21. Nursing Facility Assessment
  22. Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year
  23. Effective Date