Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2015

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Authorization to Transfer Fund Balances

SECTION 8.   (A) Chapter 29 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting after section 13 the following section:-
Section 13A. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, upon receiving a written request from the secretary, the comptroller shall transfer to the General Fund all or part of the unexpended balance of a fund, trust fund or other separate account, whether established administratively or by law, including a separate account established under section 6 of chapter 6A. The secretary and comptroller shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means 45 days before any such transfer. The request shall certify that the secretary, in consultation with the comptroller, has determined that this balance, or the specified part of it, is not to be necessary for the purposes for which it was made available.

(B) For fiscal year 2015, the comptroller shall credit to the General Fund the funds remitted to him under clause (8) of subsection (a) of section 93 of chapter 194 of the acts of 2011.

This section puts in the General Laws existing authorizations during fiscal years 2011 to 2014 to transfer to the General Fund certain trust, fund, and account balances, and allows all or part of these balances to be transferred. It specifically transfers to the General Fund certain funds under St. 2011, c. 194, sec. 93(a)(8).

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