Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Business Development

Programs targeted to support the viability and success of businesses in the Commonwealth through direct promotion, incentives, financing, and other supports.


Building and Expanding Industries and Businesses For the purpose of attracting new businesses and expanding existing businesses by engaging with manufacturers to build a strategy that promotes trade and investment, achieves cost savings, and identifies new sales opportunities.
Business Marketing and Promotion For the purpose of ensuring the Commonwealth is a prime tourist destination for both domestic and foreign travelers through comprehensive marketing programs.
Cultural Development and Preservation For the purpose of providing support to music, the arts and other cultural activities through education, research, and conservation programs.
Financing, Loans, and Tax Credit Programs For the purpose of providing incentives to individuals and businesses to invest in and operate within Massachusetts.
Local Tourism Promotion For the purpose of developing regional advertising, public relations, brochures, and other marketing incentives, offering information about attractions, accommodations, events, restaurants, retail, networking, and other tourism businesses.

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