Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Policing and Law Enforcement

Programs targeted to enforce state and national laws through use of police and investigative resources.


Forensic Science Group / Crime Lab For the purpose of providing modern forensic services such as DNA analysis, fingerprint identification, and chemical analysis.
Highway Patrol and Traffic Field Services For the purpose of reducing motor vehicle accidents, ensuring the safe flow of traffic, apprehension and prosecution of criminals and assisting municipal law enforcement agencies to effectively respond to large scale public safety emergencies through the utilization of specialized tactical resources.
Municipal Police Training For the purpose of setting and enforcing training standards and facilitating the delivery of state-of-the-art training for municipal, University of Massachusetts, and environmental police officers of the Commonwealth.
State Police Communications For the purpose of providing the Commonwealth's public safety agencies with a communication network that is interoperable and fully compatible with industry standards including call answering services for wireless 911 calls.
State Police Detective Investigations For the purpose of reducing criminal activity in the Commonwealth in cooperation with local and federal law enforcement agencies by gathering, analyzing and reporting criminal activity within the state, and by investigating crime for the purpose of identifying, apprehending and prosecuting perpetrators.
State Police Recruiting and Training For the purpose of providing recruit and in-service training to Mass State Police officers and professional development courses to local, state and federal law enforcement.
State Police Specialty Units For the purpose of providing federal, state and local law enforcement agencies specialty response units including airborne, marine, tactical and K-9 services in a shared service model.

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