Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Correctional Care, Custody, and Supervision

Programs targeted to confine and rehabilitate criminal offenders to eliminate violence, victimization, and reduce recidivism.


Correctional Facility Operations For the purpose of providing care and custody for offenders within state correctional facilities, including administration, security, staffing, offender related costs, operations and maintenance.
Jails and Houses of Corrections Operations For the purpose of protecting society from criminal offenders with short sentences and detained persons awaiting trial by housing inmates in the least restrictive security level that is practical while providing offenders with opportunity for treatment to promote successful re-integration into the community.
Offender Education/Vocation For the purpose of providing comprehensive academic and vocational training programs and services for offenders including educational counseling services, and administering the Adult Basic Education and General Education Development Diploma tests.
Offender Healthcare (Medical and Mental) For the purpose of providing medical, dental, and mental health services to offenders consistent with nationally recognized correctional and community standards of care.
Offender Re-entry Programs For the purpose of providing evidenced based programming that targets major risk factors associated with criminality in order to support offender re-entry into the community, including volunteer and correctional industries as well as counseling and guidance
Parole Services For the purpose of promoting public safety through the responsible reintegration of offenders into the community through supervised conditional release while acknowledging the impact on victims and their families.

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