Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Job Search and Placement

Programs targeted to assist workers and businesses in filling available positions including wage subsidies for qualified employees.


General Job Search and Placement For the purpose of providing job matching services and job search support to all job seekers, including health care workers.
Recruiting and Hiring For the purpose of helping jobless workers, including health care workers, find employment as quickly as possible by ensuring that they have skills that are in demand by employers and connecting them with appropriate job openings.
Veterans Employment Support For the purpose of helping veterans transition to civilian work by developing a comprehensive job and training plan.
Youth Employment Support For the purpose of providing educational and work readiness services to young people including tutoring and dropout prevention, English as a second language courses, leadership development, mentoring, and guidance counseling.
Refugee and Immigrant Employment Support For the purpose of assisting refugees and immigrants who face a wide range of cultural and linguistic barriers to employment and who are also receiving state benefits to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

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