Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Group, Work, or Day Support Programs

Programs targeted to offer center-based services provided in a community setting delivering a variety of day programming, social recreation, rehabilitative, or other non-clinical services.


Group, Work, or Day Programs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities For the purpose of center-based, group, day, work and transportation services that lead to the acquisition, improvement, and/or retention of skills and abilities to prepare an individual for work and community participation including supported employment services.
Mental Health Day/Evening Support Programs For the purpose of assisting eligible individuals in becoming fully integrated into the community by facilitating employment, education and training, social skills development, positive family relationships, and engagement with community activities and supports.
Work Programs for Persons with Disabilities For the purpose of assisting individuals with disabilities who need ongoing supports in an integrated work setting including developing a transition plan as well as providing a job coach, supportive housing environment, and/or adaptive equipment.

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